Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
The aspiration of R.W.C. is to establish and maintain a reputation as quality emergency responders. Our R.W.C. Associates are recognized for their technical excellence and indisputable integrity.
We undertake to earn this reputation, both with those whose property we restore and with the insurance industry that bears the most of the financial responsibility for damage restoration costs, by establishment of and adherence to the following Code of Ethics.
We will always react to emergency calls within 15 minutes
The primary concern of consumers after experiencing damage to their home or business is immediate reaction to their needs. Providing a quick response to the customer's distress is the foundation on which our service is based.
We will never allow disastrous conditions to excuse us for adhering to the professional and ethical standards that guide our practices.
We will always be ready to have fully equipped restoration teams within 60 minutes
Acknowledging that time is of the essence as a disaster occurs, we will always be ready to alert restoration teams to stop and minimize the damage source in a timely manner.
We will always sign a written contract that includes our cost breakdown, the schedule and the plans
The importance of a written contract goes far beyond describing the work and the cost to be paid. Contracts define what action the parties will take when unforeseen events occur. The care taken to draft a complete and detailed agreement is an invaluable step towards the smooth completion of the project and a strong relationship between a R.W.C. Associate and owner.
We will always utilize our skills in financially responsible balance
In our role as emergency responders, we strive to make decisions involving the application of our skills and utilization of the manpower and equipment at our disposal that reflect a responsible balance between cost and benefit for all parties.
We will always use the best of our resources to satisfy both our customer and his insurer
We will labor to provide the level of expertise, equipment and workmanship appropriate to both the needs of our customer and the insurance provider. We will make every effort to provide objective judgments regarding damage causes, property conditions and the restoration process.
We will always stay connected to our community and environment
We recognize that we are members of a larger community and that we have responsibilities to serve the community from which we derive our livelihood. We believe we must look for opportunities to be of service within that community beyond the scope of our for-profit operations
We accept that we have an ongoing obligation to act responsibly and in a manner consistent with preservation of the environment in which we live.
We will always respect our customers' privacy
We understand the importance of our customers' privacy and respect it. We will never sell, rent, exchange, or otherwise disclose your personal information without your permission.